Do you want to talk about real sex?

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Dr. Carlen, Sexologist & Relationship Psychotherapist is one of Canada’s most sought-after experts and media personalities. For many of us, talking about intimacy and making our relationships better can be challenging, awkward and just weird. Yet, Dr. Carlen knows that everyone is capable of achieving deep and meaningful intimate relationships; sometimes we just need inspiration to grow them.

That’s why you’re here! Real people, wanting real relationships, for real sex.

Welcome to the Sex with Dr. Carlen blog. Dr. Carlen’s goal is to inspire you to nurture a sex-positive attitude to empower healthy, happy, consensual, intimate relationships and values in your sex life. The understanding is all about communicating, behaving, loving and translating your own sexual energy into satisfying your fantasies & desires — because that’s what you deserve.

Dr. Carlen’s success has been in connecting people to her message; to put the REAL back into your relationship with sex.

Sex with Dr. Carlen – the best of sex, relationships, love & life.